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Tracy Grit: Class of 1994

Tracy Grit - Class of 1994
North Wilkes High School Alumni - Tracy Grit
Q: Year graduated from North Wilkes:
A: 1994

Q: List any education/degrees beyond high school:
A: Master of Arts School Administration
Q: List Professional/Career Experience and why you chose your career path:
A: Teacher, Coach, Assistant Principal, Principal (Avery County) Currently Assistant Superintendent for Learning
Montgomery County
Q: If you could go back and give yourself advice as a high school student, what advice would you give and why. What advice would you give to high school students today?
A: Always show up to class, it's hard to fail if you show up every day!
Q: Do you have a special memory from your time at North?
A: Wrestling and Coach Jeff Peal taught me to persevere on the wrestling mat and in life. Thanks Coach!
Q: How has your NWHS education and experiences positively impacted your life?
A: Vikings are resilient; we came from blue-collar working families that were not afraid of hard work. Many of my friends and family members devalued education. Jeff Peal, Earl Eller, Joe Noble, Mike Green, Jerry Swaim, Roger Caudil, and a host of other teachers did what was most important, they cared about me. I can specifically remember missing a day of school in the 9th grade when I did not want to participate in an activity. Coach Peal called me that evening and said, better have your rear in school tomorrow! Strong words of encouragement that stick with me to this day. Just show up!
Q: Any special honor or accomplishment since high school you would like to share.
A: (My) biggest accomplishment, I married Michelle Roberts, my high school sweetheart! We have two children, Daughter Bishop 20 and Son Hylend 17.