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December: Ralee

My name is Ralee and I began playing sports in the 4th grade. I started with basketball, then I began to play volleyball and softball. From the time I picked up a ball I had a love for the game. With many great people around to support me they have taught me how to play the game physically and mentally. On the first team I ever played for, the coach had three simple rules; hustle, respect, and have fun. To this day, when I am playing I still follow those rules. Playing sports is a privilege that we should not take for granted. Tearing my ACL has been an eyeopener to this more than ever. Any time you step on the court you need to play your heart out like it is your last game you will ever play, because who knows, it may be. Respect! When playing sports, it is important to respect all aspects of the game. You respect the officials, the coaches, your teammates, and even the game itself.
Finally, the last and most important rule of them all is HAVE FUN!! Playing sports for me has always been an enjoyable experience! To be on the court with your friends competing like it’s the last game you ever will play is about the best feeling there is in the world.
Sports has taught me so much more than just how to read the scoreboard. It taught me to be a better person. To be good at a position or sport you play you have to put in time and effort. You cannot just decide you are going to play and be the best if you don’t put in the time, work, or effort. Playing sports has also built my character. I have learned how to synergize or work together in order to win a game. It also shows your strengths and opportunity areas. But most importantly it has taught me that no matter how bad you are losing or how big you are winning,  smile, be happy and thank God for another day that he has allowed me to play!
November: Dalton

My name is Dalton and I am a three sport athlete at North Wilkes High School. I play football, winter track and spring track. I am a member of the Dream team, Viking Team Leaders, and the Beta Club.  I have played Football since I started school and have never looked back. I have always loved football and I do even more now playing it in high school. Football has taught me so many lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life. It has also given me a 2nd family with the players and coaches.  Being a student athlete can be difficult at times but it is not impossible. Finding the right balance in sports and school work can be challenging for some but once you figure it out, it is a breeze. I have not come across a teacher or coach that would not help a student if they were behind on work and they are always understanding with athletes leaving class for games. 


October: Jolie

My name is Jolie and I am a junior here at North Wilkes High School. I am now a 2 sport athlete, I play volleyball and soccer for North. I am in the student council, Dream Team, Viking Team Leaders, Key Club, National Technical Honors Society and in United Teens in Action.

I have played volleyball since I was in the 3rd grade and It is by far my favorite sport. I have always loved everything about volleyball and really enjoy team building and leadership . Everything about volleyball is so fun to me and I have loved every second of me being on the team. Being out on the court with my teammates and playing the game that I love is like no other. The energy that we have while playing and all of the adrenaline that rushes through me is one of the best things about volleyball. 

Although being a student athlete can be challenging at times, in the end it is all worth it. Through the past few years I have learned to balance school and while playing multiple sports. Having practice and games every day does get stressful at times, especially when we have to leave class early so we are missing parts of our class. Our teachers work with us and are really supportive so having their support is one of the best things about our school.


September: Savannah

 My name is Savannah and I have been chosen as North Wilkes High School's student athlete of the month. I am a senior this year and have loved all four years here! I am so excited to be chosen as there is no other place I would rather be a student athlete. I play three sports; basketball, volleyball, and softball. Being a student athlete during each athletic season is sometimes stressful as I am a face of North Wilkes. I always have to remember to be on my “A game” as the future Vikings are always coming to games and watching us on and off the field/court. Though I always have to be on my best behavior, the reward of having the younger kids look up to me is so worth it. As the younger generations come to games I hope to leave a lasting impact that they carry on when they become a Viking. The culture at North Wilkes is unbeatable and I couldn't be more proud to be a student athlete!


I have played football since 4th grade when I moved up here to the mountains. I am a senior this year, and over my high school years, I have only really played football. The thing I love about football is the intensity of the game; It’s a feeling like no other when you are on the field and, as a lineman, seeing one of your teammates get a ton of yards or even score.

Through all of these years of sports, I have learned a lot of things that help me both on the field and surprisingly in life as well. Things like being able to work as a team, holding each other accountable, as well as holding yourself accountable. I have also learned to be happy with the time you are given to play the sport, as one day it will end. That is hitting hard right now as this will be the last time I play with this group of people and while it is sad, I plan to take every moment I can get with them.

Lastly, In my time of being a part of a team, I have learned one very key thing. That key thing being sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of the team and practice hard even if you know you are not going to play. Because if you practice hard you make your other teammates better. I can say this from experience as my junior year I did not play much, but in practice, I made sure to try as hard as I could in order to make the others better. 

I am glad that I got to be a part of this team for so many years, so let’s make this last year a good one for all of us.



I’ve played basketball since I was in kindergarten. Basketball is by far my favorite sport to play and watch because it is so intense. I love being able to be aggressive on defense as well as work with my team to run plays. I feel like defense, rebounding, assists, and hustling are just as important as offense which are what I succeed in the most. During games I always make sure to encourage my teammates and support them when they succeed.  

I have done cross country since my freshman year. The main reason I run is to help me get in shape and gain better endurance for basketball season. Cross country is very challenging and pushes you to your limits. If you need to get in shape or just run for fun, cross country is the sport for you.

Because I’ve played both these sports for a while now, I have learned a few ways to balance my school work from my sports practices and games. I have learned that during school, it is best to use your time wisely and take advantage of extra time you have to do homework. This is the best way to guarantee that all your work will be done before practice, so your mind will be more focused on the game instead of work. Another way I use my time wisely is through the new Smart Lunch schedule. It allows me to get homework done in school, as well as getting help from my teachers and peers.


I have been playing sports for nearly all my life. I play tennis, basketball, and I run track. My experience with sports started with tee-ball and changed over the years until I eventually started playing basketball. Basketball is the sport that I have been committed to the longest, nearly 10 years!

Throughout my years of sports, I’ve learned a few things that can help me not only throughout each sports season, but throughout life. Number one, a bad game or practice doesn’t define who you are. You are more than your performance on or off the field or court. Number two, failure is okay. Failure won’t kill you but your fear of failure can keep you from succeeding. And number three, enjoy every moment, because it won’t last forever. The bond that you share with your teammates is irreplaceable. While your time playing a sport may not be everlasting, the memories that you make are, so enjoy the moment. 

I am looking forward to another year of being a student athlete and can’t wait to see what the coming seasons have in store!

Brooke basketball

I play baseball and basketball. I have been playing sports for the majority of my life and It is crazy that my last year of sports is coming up this year. Sports have been a big part of my life and it has been hard to do, but there is no way that I would be the man I am today without sports. I have played baseball and basketball all 3 years that I have been here at North and it hasn’t been easy. Having to go to practice everyday and do workouts for the majority of the summer isn’t the fun part but, there is never a better feeling than walking out for that first game of the season and seeing all the people and the work that you have put in finally gets to be shown; there isn’t a better feeling in the world than that.

Even though playing the sport is really fun, it's not all about the games and practice, it's about the journey that you go on and the lessons that you learn from it. Being a student athlete here at North is more than just going to practice and playing the games. If you are a student athlete you have to be a leader on and off the court, in the classroom and in the hallways, just everywhere you are. My coaches are always talking about culture and leaving the place better than you found it so being a student athlete is more than just playing the sport itself. 

Being a student athlete here is one of the best things to happen to me and it has made me a better man and will continue to  make me a better man for the rest of my life. It’s hard to believe that I have one more year of high school left then it’s on to the real world. Being a teammate is very important to me because no matter how good you are without having good teamwork you will never be successful. It’s crazy how my journey is almost over and it will be sad having to leave behind the people that I have grown up with. Sports has been crazy over the years and some of my time in high school was cut short by Covid and I took that for granted. Now I am a senior and having the opportunity to play sports here is very important to me and I want other people to experience what I have been through and the fun times I have had. I'm going to work harder than ever to become not only the player that my coaches know I can be but the man they know I can be as well. 

Noah baseball
May: Stacie
My name is Stacie and I am a student athlete at North Wilkes High School. I am currently a junior and I participate in volleyball, softball and winter track. Even though my season and school year were cut short I am forever grateful for the past semesters and seasons I have been able to spend learning and playing for North Wilkes. Everyday I looked forward to practice or our next game. I even miss the pregame butterflies and I don't know how else to describe the feeling besides a different kind of homesick. Being part of a team is something I will always cherish and I continue to learn and grow from. And if I have learned anything from this situation it is to never take any of that for granted because you'll miss it the most when it's taken away. Sports were a huge part of my life and I'm hoping to get that back next year. Online learning is definitely not a welcome transition but a necessary one. I work just as hard if not even harder to make sure I am ensuring a successful future for myself, even in a non traditional learning environment. I try to look at it as an opportunity rather than a nuisance. I miss you North Wilkes High school;I hope to see you soon.
Stacie Softball
April: Anna
Hello. My name is Anna. I am a senior at North Wilkes High School. This year has been one for the history books… literally. Due to a worldwide pandemic of a deadly virus, my senior year has been cut short. I am currently in my third week of no school and we have just begun participating in online learning. I would have never thought that the last time I walked the hallways of North Wilkes could have been my last. As I look back on my four years in high school, some of my most precious memories come from sports. I have been a member of a state-runner up basketball team and a member of a (not so victorious) cross country team. Despite the blood, sweat, and tears shed during the season, there is nothing that compares to the friendships and memories I have made playing these two sports. From the long bus rides to the matching sweatsuits, to every win and even every loss, both sports have not only taught me life lessons, but also gave me a second family. Those memories I will cherish forever and they will always give me a reason to look back on my high school career and smile. If I could give one piece of advice to the underclassmen, it would be to not take these four years for granted. You don’t realize how much you will miss it until it is gone. It has only been two months since my basketball season ended and I miss the nerves that ran through my body before every game, I miss the crowd in our home stands on Friday nights, and I miss hugging every one of my teammates before running out onto the court. Play every game like it's your last, make every memory count, and cherish every time you walk down the hallways, because before you know it, it will be your last.
April Anna
March: McKenzie
Many people believe that athletics are primarily a fun past time with very little usable benefit for an athlete that no longer participates in a sport. What these people don’t understand is the long term effects that sports have on the players. Most individuals can say that their sports taught them time management, group cooperation, and discipline. For me, there is one that has affected me more than the rest. It would have to be dedication. Not only is the athlete dedicated to the sport, but also to their team and overall athletic program. True dedication generally ends with a very positive outcome. This type of commitment can be helpful in the future by establishing that mindset of being able to work towards a goal without giving up. Whether it is personal growth or winning a game, dedication is a major factor in sports that will help prepare an athlete for their future.
March McKenzie
February: Cole
Hello my name is Cole and I am a senior and student athlete here at North Wilkes. I have been playing sports for as long as I can remember and they have always had a huge influence over me. Sports and being part of a team that's more like a family has taught me so many valuable life lessons that I believe no one or nothing else could ever teach me. Such lessons include discipline, the ability to overcome adversity, comradery, sportsmanship, and the improvement of character on and off the field. I have played football for all 4 years and was all conference offensive line and defensive line this year. I played baseball my freshman year, track for 3 years and indoor track this last year. I was all county last year in outdoor shot and this year I was first in our conference for indoor shot. 
      I take pride in my athletics but at the end of the day what matters is my academics. I am proud to say that I am an all honors straight-A student that has taken both AP classes as well as CCP courses through the community college. 
     As a senior it is a very stressful and a tough year but at the same time the most exciting. I'm getting ready to decide where I'm going to college what I might major or minor in, as well as the chance to play collegiate football is insane and has been one of my dreams for ever. It's hard to believe in about 3-4 months I will be a high school graduate. Just thinking about it and thinking about the memories and accomplishments that I have made here is just heartbreaking knowing this is my last year here. It's sad knowing I will not be playing with my team again but I believe I will always have the support of  VIKING COUNTRY and for the opportunity to play and learn here is honestly the best thing ever
Cole February
January: Morgan
There have been times in my life where I have questioned why I do what I do. Balancing three sports and trying to do well in school are not always easy and sometimes the stress can seem like too much. Yet, just when I feel like giving up, I am reminded of my “why”. Everyone must know their “why” in order to be successful, whether it be in their career or something as small as high school athletics may seem. High school athletics may seem insignificant to others, but for me high school athletics has been a huge part of my life and has given me insight into my “why”. 
    My “why” can be described in many ways. One of these ways would be the sense of partnership and unity that being on a team brings. No matter what sport you play, the sense of belonging and trust that develops from being on a team is like no other. By the end of the season, friends or even people you have never met before begin to feel like family to you. As my high school basketball career draws to a close, I can honestly say that I love each one of those girls with my whole heart and that I will always take a part of them with me when we depart. 
   Another one of my “why’s” would be the impact I am able to leave on others through high school athletics. Throughout my athletic career I have always looked up to older athletes in regards to how they acted on and off the court. Through the platform that playing sports provides, I am able to impact the lives of those watching me do what I love. When I exhibit good sportsmanship, integrity, dedication and a good work ethic, it not only benefits me, but those around me as well. I hope that I can be the one that younger children, as well as my peers and teammates can look up to. 
   Overall, my biggest “why” would be the love I have for each sport I play, as well as for the people involved. Athletics has brought so much joy to my life and has taught me so many things such as good communication, dedication, loyalty, trust, responsibility, and many more things that I can apply to my own life. Whether it be the court, the field or the trail, each of these places has taught me that this is where I belong. This is my “why” and even though this is my last year ever wearing a jersey for North Wilkes, I will always bleed blue. 

January Morgan
December: Zack
Hi my name is Zack and I am a student-athlete at North, I am a two-sport athlete participating in basketball and track. I am currently in my junior year and take as much pride in my academics as I do my athletics. I am an all honors student who takes AP classes for History and English. I take online college classes provided by WCC. I am a straight-A student and that is a reflection of my strategies in the classroom. When work is assigned I complete it as soon as I can, using any free time to complete as much work as possible so I have time to relax after any athletic activities. The community here at North Wilkes is great, I feel like I am part of a family here. I have met so many great people here at North and have made many memories I will remember forever. I take great pride in being a Viking and I am blessed to be surrounded by so many great people.
December Zack
November: Caleb
Hello, my name is Caleb I am a junior here at North and my life is literally sports. I have been a three-sport athlete all three years of my high school career and I plan to finish out high school the same way. Even though sports are my life I also take a lot of pride in my school work as well. I plan on going to a four-year college and to major in engineering. All the classes that I take are honors and I am currently in two AP classes. I am not going to lie this semester has been very difficult to juggle all my school work along with practices and games. The thing I have learned from this semester though is to not procrastinate. The system I have made to get everything done is to complete all my school work as quickly as I can after it was assigned. So when something comes up near the due date I won’t be stressed. If someone were to ask me for advice on how to be an honors student and also play three sports I would simply tell them that time is everything and making a plan is the best option. Know when it is time to get down to business in your books so when it is time to play that big game you’re not worried about the English essay due at midnight. 
November Caleb
October: Keaton
My name is Keaton and I am a student Athlete at North. I have entered my senior year, and I have never been more excited. Ever since I was little I have always loved sports, and nothing has changed. Starting freshman year I played Basketball, Soccer, ran cross country and track. But now as a senior I am a full time runner. Sports has pulled me out of some tough times, took me to many places and has introduced me to many people. Just like everywhere else North has its own identity when it comes to the atmosphere of our sports teams.That identity is being the toughest, most hardworking team there is. Even in more individual sports our athletes are the hardest working compared to the other teams. This identity is something that I am proud of and like to say I apply to myself. When you are the most hardworking there are some sacrifices and some setbacks. But when those come I just think it's all going to pay off in the end.
OCtober Keaton
September: Elizabeth
Hello. My name is Liz and I am a senior here at North. For 3 out of 4 of my years here at North, I have been a 3 sport athlete. I say 3 out of 4 because I am no longer a 3 sport athlete due to multiple injuries I have had. I have somehow managed to tear both of my ACL’s; both times knocking me out of the sports I love. Although it has been really hard to continue to play, I plan to have a career in basketball. Through the years, I have learned to stay positive and stay hopeful about my future. I am an honors student, and I have 2 college classes this year! My advice to all of the athletes at North that juggle being a student and an athlete, keep your head in your books and your heart on the court or the field. You got this!!
September Elizabeth
August: Rachel
 I'm Rachel, an athlete at North Wilkes High School. I play basketball, volleyball, and run track. Much like everything in life, being a student athlete has its ups and downs. Sports require a lot of dedication and can have very long hours but also bring you lifelong friends, the feeling of accomplishment and involvement in the community.
     Coming up on my senior year and looking back to the beginning of freshman year, I have grown as a person and have learned many valuable life lessons through high school athletics. I’ve learned how to collaborate and work as a team, communicate with others, show leadership and manage my time efficiently. But overall, the most important thing that I have gained from playing high school sports are the friendships that I’ve made. My teammates are definitely going to be my lifelong friends. When I’m older and looking back on high school I’m going to remember going to camp with my team and staying up late at night, all of us packed into one tiny dorm room, just dancing and laughing until we cry. I will cherish and remember the many wonderful memories that I have made with my teammates forever.  
     High School sports do not only affect the player but also affect the whole school and community. Nothing feels better than having a packed out gym for a big game or going to a football game on a Friday night and cheering on our team in the student section. At North Wilkes sports bring people together and make you feel like a family. Even after I have gone and graduated, I will forever be a Viking.
August Rachel