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Aaron Walker: Class of 2012

Alumni Aaron Walker
North Wilkes High School Alumni
Aaron Walker
Q: Year graduated from North Wilkes:  2012
A:  List any education/degrees beyond high school:  B.S. Appalachian State University
Q: List Professional/Career Experience and why you chose your career path:
A: Systems Engineering. My military experience led me in this career path, and I decided to work in this industry as a
Q: If you could go back and give yourself advice as a high school student, what advice would you give and why. What
advice would you give to high school students today?
A: For high school students today, I would offer the advice to respect everyone you come in contact with. Nobody’s
personal experience is the exact same as yours and respect goes a long way to make a community a great one. I would
also say that the world isn’t limited to just what is around you every day. Be open to new experiences and be willing to
Q: List or share any special memory from North:
A: My best memories were made on the wrestling and quiz bowl teams.
Q: How has your NWHS education and experiences positively impacted your life:
A: Every teacher I had at NWHS went out of their way to positively impact me and every other student in the classroom.
The class that I think made an impact on me was English 3, with Jamie Adams. Mr. Adams taught me not only to love
literature, but to think critically and accurately convey my thoughts in writing. Those skills are the main reason I am
where I am today.