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EC Student Services


The term inclusion is one word that embraces the idea of “everyone being included in the same setting”. Inclusion teachers are teachers of exceptional children who go into general education classrooms to co-teach with general education teachers in certain subjects; mainly Math and English classes.  Regarding individuals with disabilities and special education, inclusion secures opportunities for students with disabilities to learn alongside their non-disabled peers in the general education classroom. It makes it difficult to recognize which students have disabilities and which ones do not, which is ultimately the goal--for everyone to be on the same “playing field”.  Students with inclusion services are only taken out of the general education classroom for testing/assessment purposes.


The Occupational Course of Study is designed to provide eligible students as determined by the IEP Team, the skills needed to develop a foundation for work. This course of study consists of three components: (1) standards based curriculum, (2) job training, and (3) competitive work experiences. The program addresses the aptitudes that are necessary for successful adult living and employment. Students follow a course of study that emphasizes integration into the working community after high school graduation. Students in the OCS program do graduate with a high school diploma. OCS students are required to take and pass all academic courses such as English 1-4, Math 1, American History 1-2, Applied Science, Biology, etc. along with FOUR CTE electives. OCS students are required to take regular EOC’s in English, Math, and Biology, NC Finals in American History 1, American History 2, English 1, English 3, and English 4.

Self Contained

Self-Contained classrooms are classrooms designed to help foster enhanced support for students with special needs or specific difficulties. Self-Contained classrooms are generally comprised of about ten students with unique struggles who are most commonly instructed by a lead teacher with a certification in special education. Self-contained classrooms will also have at least one paraeducator who provides instructional support under the guidance of the classroom teacher.

Day Treatment

The Day Treatment classroom is in partnership with Daymark Recovery Services and provides both academic and life/coping skills instruction to high school students from each high school in Wilkes County.