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Graduation Project Info


NOTE: Most students will complete the Graduation Project during the same semester they are enrolled in English IV. You may start early with approval from the Graduation Project Coordinator, Mrs. Melissa Walker. Please see her before starting any hours. 


Most students want a quick overview of what's required. Here's a brief explanation of the four components:

  1. Research Paper - This paper should relate to your project topic in some way and is completed junior year. A "Works Cited" (bibliography) and in-text (or parenthetical) source references are required.
  2. Project Hours - You are required to spend at least 7 hours under the direction of a mentor working to complete your project (job shadowing, volunteering, learning a skill, etc.). You may not use paid hours or CTE internship hours, and you should not use regular class hours as project hours. You may work on GP documents during English IV class (when your teacher allows).
  3. Graduation Project Documents - You will turn in the required documents on Canvas during your English IV class. These documents will guide and record activities as you complete your hours. They will document approved project ideas, your mentor's contact information, activities completed, your reflection upon completion of hours, etc. The documents cannot be fully completed until you complete your hours, but you should review them as some items must be filled out as you go.
  4. Graduation Project Presentation - This presentation will be done during your English IV or AP Literature class. The judges viewing your presentation will use this rubric to score your presentation: Presentation Scoring Rubric. On your designated presentation day, you will give a formal presentation (including a Google Slides show or a PowerPoint presentation which informs the audience about your Grad Project activities from start to finish. The slideshow should include: 
      • Title slide with your name and project title
      • A brief summary of your research paper topic(s)
      • Several slides to show what you did for your hours (need photos to show your progress through the hours; chronological order is usually best)
      • Explain some of the things you learned from this project
      • Thank the audience and judges
      • Final slide should end the presentation by asking "Are there any questions?"