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Athletic Pillars


5 Expectations ​for Athletics

5 Expectations for Athletes
1. Work for Others
2. Invest and Commit
3. Constantly Improve
4. Challenge Yourself
5. Evaluate and Adjust

Work for Others: 
Work hard for others who rely on you to give everything you have. Hard work, friendship, cooperation, and team spirit.

Invest and Commit:
Commit yourself to the program and be all in. Loyalty, enthusiasm, and poise.

Constantly Improve:
Find ways to improve your abilities and attitude. Alertness, determination, and skill.

Challenge Yourself:
Challenge yourself to rise to the occasion in competitive settings. Fitness and confidence.

Evaluate and Adjust:
Evaluate your performances and make adjustments in your preparation and play. Self-control and action. 
5 Expectations for Coaches
1. Uphold Standards
2. Bring Energy
3. Recognize Athletes
4. Plan and Prepare
5. Develop the Athlete

Uphold Standards:
Uphold standards of behavior and model them for your athletes. Self control, loyalty, friendship, and poise.

Bring Energy:
Bring positive energy to practice and game situations. Action, determination, and enthusiasm.

Recognize Athletes:
Recognize athletes for achievements and consistency. Team spirit, dedication, cooperation.

Plan and Prepare:
Make short and long term plans for your program. Alertness, hard work.

Develop the Athlete:
Develop each student athlete based on his/her needs. Skill, fitness, confidence.