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Career & College Promise

May 2019 - CCP Students of the Month
April 2019 - CCP Students of the Month
January 2019 - CCP Student of the Month
Zack Wagoner is a senior at North Wilkes and will complete two Wilkes Community College CCP horticulture classes this semester--Landscape Construction and Plant Materials I.

"Zack has worked very hard to learn over 100 plants and has remained at the top of the class," WCC instructor Rebecca Smith said. "Zack's passion for plants has allowed him to learn about so many new plants and their use in the landscape."

Zack plans to attend WCC and further his studies in horticulture.  
January 2019 - CCP Student of the Month
Austin Latham is a senior at North and currently taking two CCP Horticulture classes, Landscape Construction and Plant Materials I offered through Wilkes Community College.

WCC instructor Rebecca Smith said, "Austin has worked very hard to understand different issues that may arise in the construction process and he is always quick to help his classmates regardless of the difficulty. His perseverance has eased many frustrations for his classmates as we work through complicated problems."

Austin plans to attend WCC and further his education in the Culinary Arts program.
November 2018 - CCP Student of the Month
Tate Foster is a great example of a student who searched for his career, learned skills, and turned into a job…all before graduating high school. Tate is currently an apprentice at Gardner Glass as well as a Career and College Promise (CCP) student at North Wilkes. He first started taking classes to explore his interest in CNC Machining. In those classes he obtained confidence and skills to apply for his Pre-Apprenticeship. Tate will finish up his 10th CCP class this semester and is well on his way to several WCC credentials and degrees. Tate’s instructors and employer talk about how respectful he is and that he has an outstanding ability to obtain and apply information.

Tate said it has meant a lot for him to be able to take college classes in high school because he has been able to learn many things and he will be able to finish college quicker. He also encourages other students to take college classes while in high school. "Students can choose from a wider range of classes to take and taking those classes now will save you time in college."

Congratulations Tate!
October 2018 - CCP Sudent of the Month
Congratulations to Elijah (Eli) Dancy for being chosen as one of the CCP students of the month at North Wilkes!  Eli is a senior and will have earned credit for five college classes as a high school student before he graduates this spring.  He plans to further his education at Wilkes Community College and earn a diploma in Welding Technology   and work in the field of welding and be a welding inspector.  
Eli is also responsible for leading and forming The Welding Club, a new club at his high school.  His desire is to make more students aware of the welding classes offered at North and help others learn more about careers in welding.  
"It makes me feel good that I had been able to take these classes in high school," Eli said.  "My brother is a welder and I have always been interested in welding."  
When asked about encouraging others to take CCP classes while in high school, Eli said, "I think everyone should consider taking some of these classes.  It will help them out in the long run."